Another Happy Mattress Customer 2017/07/05

We, the D & M General Supplies Team , went out to Britz today to deliver a Bamboo Back Master caravan mattress to Mr. and Mrs. Van Niekerk for their SPRITE SOLO caravan, they were all too pleased with the quick and friendly service they received.

They ordered their Bamboo Back Master caravan mattress from us on the 3rd of July 2017, and we delivered the mattress at their camp site for their SPRITE SOLO caravan to Dube Private Game Lodge in Britz where they were camping. We at D & M General Supplies strive for excellent service delivery and it only but makes us happy to have yet another very satisfied customer.

We believe that when you go on holiday that this should include a good night’s rest every night of your holiday, thus we will make sure that every customer will receive a high quality mattress that is designed for just that.

We make all Bamboo Back Master caravan mattresses to the specs you supply us for your specific caravan, should it be a Penta, Palma, Exclusive to only name a few. There is such a vast range, but we will meet your every need.

Should you need any info please feel free to contact us.

Thank you so much to Mr. and Mrs. Van Niekerk we hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday, as we know you will be sleeping well.

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