We spend about a third of every day in our beds which means that we will have spent over 16 years in bed by the time we are 50! A good night’s sleep plays a huge role in our quality of life and general health; therefore it is crucial to have a mattress which is built from the highest quality materials.

Studies have shown that 70% of general back pain and/or discomfort can be attributed to having a poor quality mattress.

It is recommended that a bed should be replaced every eight years. This is due to the fact that we sweat an average of half a pint each night, saturating the mattress and therefore creating a haven for dust mites and thus conditions that may affect our health as well as our sleep.

In addition, general wear and tear can reduce the amount of support your mattress provides. When buying a bed, many people make choices according to appearance rather than getting a bed suitable for their body and more importantly comfort!

The majority of people aren’t even aware of the different types of mattresses available (such as visco memory, pocket sprung, orthopedic etc.) or simply find the whole process rather mind boggling.

At D&M General Supplies we have an extensive amount of years of experience. This means that all beds are crafted with great care and precision. With this in-depth knowledge, we will be able to assist you in finding the perfect bed to meet your specific requirements; we believe that the mattress should adjust to you; not the other way round!

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